Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rilakkuma & Friends Spring Bundle Giveaway 5/1/2012

Rilakkuma & Friends Spring Bundle 
  • Rilakkuma Dust Plugs – We have quite a few different styles of these, and a couple more coming in the next week or so for you to pick from long before the giveaway is over!
  • Flashing & Non-Flashing Phone Straps – excludes plushies (flashing or non)(note:you cannot “make it flash”, but you may choose one already equipped with the flasher)
  • Stationery – Limited tobookmarks, pens, storage foldersdeco tapeclips, mouse pads (excludes large plush pen holder) – (mousepads are located here)
  • Misc. Items – Includes nail clippersbrass bellsmouse pads

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