Thursday, February 14, 2013

Safety Sign

Wherever you are or go, there is always be a safety sign you will see. Whether it is a street signs, parking  signs, traffic signs, and more. These signs are there to guide and lead us away from danger, whether we are travelling by car or by foot.

As a motorist it is very helpful especially if your travelling long distance or to a new place. The Street signs will lead you on the right direction and it guides you on what is ahead of the road like if there will be a one way only, your speed limit and more helpful signs for you're safe driving. It will also help you avoid paying parking violations. As a motorist we should be responsible on where to properly park our vehicle. There are people who took advantage of these signs, mostly people who are careless and only those who think for themselves.

Following these signs will save us time, money and life.

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