Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Fashion Jeans Trend 2013

Here are the Summer Fashion 2013 Jeans Trends 

Summer Fashion 2013 means bright colors. You may not be surprise if the famous fashion designers as well as famous brands will offer the colors red, orange, green and electric blue jeans for Summer Fashion 2013. As for those who want to be more safe appearance of their outfit and looking smart in any kind of clothes, the combination of bright colors jeans into white, beige, gray colored tops or play another class bright colors with color-blocking technique.

Summer Fashion 2013 also dominates the pastel colors. You can choose from beige, mint green, salmon pink, and lemon yellow jeans and wear it with a feminine blouse, wedge shoes, high heels or a more comfortable flat shoes.

The motif trend affects all fashion items purchased by women including jeans. The floral, ducts, leopard up to  Rorschach becomes motif seen on the stage when models ramp wearing the "IN" fashion. Wear the motif (example floral), with the upper plain top.

Skinny crop jeans suits petite or small body and long legged women.

The bleached jeans or faded jeans are old style but you can make it more fashionable if you wear it with cut-off tops or a shirt with fringe detail.

The high waist jeans became popular and the most latest trends. Its covered abdomen, tighten body and provides curve. Another good benefit is it will lengthen the legs especially if the jeans are tight to your body.

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