Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Guest Post : A Christmas "Recipe" from TaleSpins Author Michael Mullin

A Christmas "Recipe" from TaleSpins Author Michael Mullin

Asking me for a recipe is like asking me to fix your car. 
Ummmm....  [Cricket ... Cricket...] The engine is under this front part, right?

Although I truly would love to be able to cook, I just don't.

Instead of copying a recipe I found online, however, I'll share something I actually did the other day that was holiday related. My daughter bought candy canes for her friends at school. My son (her twin) dropped the bag and broke them. instead of throwing them out, I bought sugar cookie dough (Yes, premade... I know. Lame.) and vanilla frosting. I smashed up the candy canes into dust and mixed it into the frosting. I baked the cookies and frosted them in vanilla-mint (which UNsurprisingly came out pink). Needless to say to those who actually do cook/bake, a little candy dust goes a long way as far as mint taste. So go easy when adding!

Ta da! That's it. Rest assured, I'm a WAY better author than I am a baker. 

Happy Holidays!

Michael Mullin

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