Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 Back-to-School Giveaway

2014 Back-to-School Giveaway of PicGIF and VideoGIF

PicGIF and VideoGIF are easy-to-use and quick GIF maker tools.

They were priced at $19.99 originally, but 100% off from August 20 at 0:00 CST to August 24 at 24:00 CST
PicGIF allows you to create animated GIFs from life photos and short videos on Mac OS X in short steps. 
PicGIF for Mac is the perfect GIF creator to convert continuous snapshots and short videos into vivid and funny GIFs. The powerful animation software also allows you to import your existing GIFs for reediting and fine-tuning.
PicGIF for Mac makes it easy to customize GIF Size, Speed, Sequence, and Frame Delay.Many popular image effects and adjustments are available in this animation maker program. You can trim a video clip freely to create your favorite GIF animation. You can add captions and stickers to touch up your GIF. You are also free to manage overlays, etc.

VideoGIF for Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use GIF creator for creating funny GIFs by trimming any part from a video/movie. The video to GIF converter allows you to quickly and easily transfer any video clip to smooth and animated GIFs.
To get started, you are free to add video from video files or the Webcam. 
Next, you can effortlessly customize and fine-tune the GIF.
Finally, when a satisfying GIF is done, you have options to share your cute GIF with friends via Mail, iMessage, Tumblr or to simply save it in Finder.

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