Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bering Watches and My Love Stone

Time is essential in our day to day basis. In the world we live now, time is passing so fast. During our great grand parents they use the sun to know the time. Well  actually my grandfather still uses sun to tell time, but for me I use watch, but most of the people they use their cellphone to check the time.  I still prefer to use watch because it more convenient and at the same time it serves as an accessory to add to my outfit.

I got my first watch from my father, I use it everyday and it counted years before he gave me my second watch. When I got job and been able to buy a watch, the first watch I bought is for my father. Buying a watch is not easy.  There are a lot of brands to choose but the first thing I check is where it is MADE. Second, the design. Third, the price. Fourth the brand name and last store name.

Where it is MADE? -  I am very particular where the watch came from. It gives me assurance that the watch is at the best working condition.

DESIGN - I like something that catch my eyes for the first time, like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, because I would wear it and it is part of me.

PRICE - I want watch that is reasonable and worth the price.

BRAND NAME - If a watch have a name, I believe that have the quality because I am not just buying a watch I also buy the name.

Where to BUY? -  I can visit the store personally if I have time, or buy online if it is base internationally.

I am in search of a new watch, actually I love watch, As I browse the net, Bering Watches pop up link to I visited the online store and found out they have beautiful watches. I fell in love with Bering Watches because they have minimalistic design and uses durable materials, such as high-tech ceramic, sapphire glass crystals sapphire glass crystal is extremely resistant to scratches), titanium, and high- grade stainless steel (resistant to corrosion problems).

Bering Watches was created in 2010 by 3 Danish businessmen. The design was inspired from the Artic and they also donate to Polar Bears International in excess of $150,000. They make beautiful watches and they have good heart. is the USA's #1 official Bering Watches Authorized Dealer. They give free shipping within United State and 30 day returns on all Bering Watches. If you find other dealer of Bering Watches and their price is lower that, they  will match it. Right now, avail the 20%  saving with this coupon code SAVE20 when you checkout.

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